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    Aug 8, 2008
    apptism.com is a website that gives details on the latest reviews,info, and news about upcoming apps, not just games. They have a very up to date list of all the latest apps that were released, and its a really good site. Shout out to mattB who posted about this on his site fingergaming.com check that out too its just like toucharcade.
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    Some comments on the apptism.com site:

    1) Not all apps are listed there. The majority are, but when I found missing ones I submitted feedback for them to add it. Hopefully it is a fast turnaround process.
    2) You can not currently remove items from the "My Apps" and the "Watch Lists" lists. Makes it useless to use them without that capability.
    3) They need to make it possible to find applications by alternative or old names. Teleport was retitled to Jaadu VNC in the iTunes Store, so I had to search by the publishers name to find it.

    Other then those it looks like an interesting site. Hopefully they can fix those issues.

    Edit: fixed content.

    Edit 2: Got a response from the site developers, and they are fixing the issues I found.

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