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    Hello everyone! Let me introduce our new interesting app “Career guidance test”

    Test for android can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.epicenterofpsychology.testprofor

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    Test description:
    Career guidance helps a person define his skills and make a career choice, which is very important for every person. If you ask yourself questions like “What is my future career?” and “How to choose a career?” we propose that you pass the career test.
    Psychological career guidance tests define a possible list of future careers and are perfectly suitable for teenagers who want to reveal their abilities. Career tests are also used while hiring. This was influenced by the wonderlic test which appeared after the World War II.
    You can pass the career test and receive a brief analysis of your character, professional qualities and a short list of appropriate careers. The list includes the most demanded and the most highly paid careers.
    Psychological career test includes 20 simple questions, for example “Are you able to get over failures steadfastly?”. In order to get a true result you should try and answer honestly. We cannot guarantee precision, so please contact a specialist to receive a more precise result.

    Let me know if you find a bug in the application

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