Android Apollo Legend Game [GAME][FREE]

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Master chief Bee we ve been attacked by inter galactic space wasps.
    Made a way until the ship and escape until the next level
    Be careful angry enemies is among us and will trying to eat you
    Use the cell (platform) to create a passage until your ship , but the course will be more difficult each time and to sow confusion intergalactic aphids will be sent to block the passage of your master choef bee
    This game is great to pass time one of the most fun clicker games you will find out there today

    D824C4D2-E8F1-4B36-90D3-CD32E305F308.png 89B83C1B-30A5-4CAE-90E7-492B1F680B8A.png 325F680A-EAA4-4529-82AF-F7FC223910C5.png 04547CA1-68E9-4CE8-8183-501B70AF3420.png 6CB3F3CB-D7C8-4CBC-989F-DFCAB8A85B46.png AE8715FD-201D-42DC-99ED-3EAB3D9CE84C.png

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