Anyone wants to beta test my app?

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    Hey guys!
    I'm building the second version of my Clocks app. I'm looking for beta testers who are eager to help me crush them bugs.

    About Clocks
    Clocks2 is the updated version of my first iPhone app. It's a beautiful looking world clock made for people who travel a lot or who have friends abroads. I implemented cool features, like:
    - Today widget
    - Search for any city in the world
    - Always on local time
    - Alarms set for the time in every city
    - Spotlight search
    and more

    What you get
    - I'll buy you a drink if you travel to Romania! (everything's cheap here for foreigners)
    - A rose and a kiss if you're a girl
    - The opportunity to shape the app by giving me first-hand feedback. Your opinions are very important.
    And of course a voucher to get the app for free!

    Here's a teaser to get you started:
    Simulator Screen Shot 21 Sep 2015 02.53.19.png

    If you're interested, please fill out this form
    [atm only iPhone users needed]

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