Anyone play a PC game circa late 90's called Hardwar?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Lounge' started by Greyskull, Sep 22, 2012.

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    It was an open-world flight game, like Privateer, Elite, Galaxy on Fire, etc... except the world wasn't totally open. It took place on Mars, I think, or one of it's moons. Areas were devided by tunnels, and you flew a craft that handled a bit similar (though less arcady) to Descent: you could move on the vertical axis, but it was much closer to an airplane, or maybe a harrier. You could upgrade or buy new ships, take contract missions, kill wanted criminals, become a criminal, trade goods for a profit; the stuff you find in games inspired by elite. It was the last time I broke out my Top Gun Thrustmaster joystick; this way I could use a slider for applying vertical thrust, the hat button to look around, etc.

    I'm wondering if anyone else played it because it's in a genre that has some really hardcore fans, but seemed to barely get noticed when it came out. I had to hunt it down in a bargain bin at a computer show. I think there are still modding sites for the game up and running. Well, at least one ;) It was mainly to get players together who wanted to dogfight online (I forget if this feature came with the game or was patched/modded in), but it wasn't that had to use TCP/IPX IIRC, no Gamespy support.

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