iPad Anyone ever tried Disney's All Star Cards?

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by alextangweihao, Nov 5, 2008.

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    I'm a huge fan of Disney's. I saw this game on app store and get so attracted to it but it's kind of getting so much negative reviews(there are a few great ones though)! So anyone of u ever tried it out and what's your opinion of it? Like the game play and quality?
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    My sister bought it for $10 on her iphone. Not sure what she was thinking but her kids don't really want to play it. They prefer their nintendo DS's. She admits she blew her money on that one. It just has old maid type card games. Pretty graphics are not worth $9...although now it's dropped to $8 I believe.

    What is ironic is when I tell her to buy this $1 quality game it's like pulling her tooth she simply will not budge even though she is paying $130 x 2 per month for her and her husband's iphones.

    edit: This got me to thinking about Clubhouse Games 42 games on Nintendo DS. Ones with * we have on app store.
    Basic Card Games
    Old Maid*, spit, I Doubt It, Sevens, Memory* (man oh man if there are 99 of these on app store), Pig*. Most of these basic card games are covered in Disney's All Star Cards.
    Intermediate Card Games
    Blackjack*, Hearts*, President, Rummy * (well kinda), Seven Bridge, Last Card, Last Card Plus
    Advanced Card Games
    Five Card Draw, Texas Hold'em *, Nap, Spades*, Contract Bridge
    Basic Board Games
    Chinese Checkers, Checkers*, Dots and Boxes*, Hasami Shogi, Turncoat, Connect Five (pente)*, Grid Attack (battleship)*
    Advanced Board Games
    Backgammon*, Chess*, Shogi, Field Tactics (stratego), Ludo
    Variety Games
    Soda Shake*, Dominoes*, Koi-Koi (hanafuda)*, Word Balloon*
    Action Games
    Bowling*, Darts*, Billiards*, Balance*, Takeover* similiar ones
    Single-Player Games
    Solitaire*, Escape* (rush hour), Mahjong Solitaire*

    So seems like iphone has most of these games covered. Wouldn't mind seeing Stratego on iphone though.

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