Anyone ever get a cell phone through Amazon or (Other questions too)

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    Apr 22, 2009
    I'm thinking about getting a new cell phone and a plan with ATT (I'm currently paying month-to-month with US Cellular). I've been looking around, and both Amazon and (Wal-Mart) offer ridiculously good deals on cell phones. As in, phones that cost $100+ through ATT (or like in the mall and such) are $0.01 or free. Anyone ever go through one of these retailers? What's the catch?

    (For Amazon, that's just one phone I'm looking at).

    Also, does anyone know if you NEED to get the PDA data plan if you get a smartphone?

    Finally, any recommendations on a phone? I'd like a full QWERTY keyboard and a nice calendar/scheduler/task list thing with notifications/alarms/etc. For that reason, I've been kind of looking at smartphones, but I don't want the data plan as I wouldn't use this for the internet or email. These are the phones I've been kind of looking at. Other suggestions would be great too.

    Samsung Eternity

    Nokia E71x

    Samsung Propel

    Samsung Epix

    Pantech Matrix Pro

    Samsung Propel Pro

    Samsung Impression
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    I bought a Blackberry Pearl there (Amazon) for -49.99. So basically, they paid me $50 to get the phone. It's weird, I know, but from what I experienced, there was no catch at all. The only catch is you have to get a new number and a new data plan for 2 years.

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