Anyone else a Robert Kirkman fan?

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    Hi everyone, just wondering if there are any other Robert Kirkman fans in the forums or more so just comic book fans in general.

    I've collected comics most of the twenty-seven years of my life, but I almost exclusively bought them for the art, being an artist and aspiring comic illustrator myself.

    That all changed when I bought my iPad and downloaded XComics. Since then, I've discovered Robert Kirkmans work and have been ensconced with his writing/story telling style. Since discovering Roberts work(The Walking Dead, Invincible, Battle Pope, Marvel Zombies, amongst other gems) I can't seem to get enough of his writing style and as such has opened the doors to me reading and thoroughly enjoying all of the comics that I have since neglected story-wise.

    I've since thoroughly enjoyed other series such as 'Chew' and 'Elephantmen' amongst others.

    I apologize for the seemingly pointless rant, but there just aren't enough good things that I can say about Robert Kirkman. I think he's one of, if not the most prolific comic writers of the past ten years.

    Anyone else a Robert Kirkman fan?

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