Epic Battle: Ants War

tianxia network technology Inc
*史诗战场:蚂蚁战争 隆重降临!欢迎加入官方QQ群222985013 玩法说明: *地球大厅点击地图关卡图标即可进行地图模式战斗. *地图模式通关即可进入下一难度的挑战. *地球大厅左下1挑战关卡按钮,点击进入挑战关卡后,点击选择…
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*史诗战场:蚂蚁战争 隆重降临!欢迎加入官方QQ群222985013 玩法说明: *地球大厅点击地图关卡图标即可进行地图模式战斗. *地图模式通关即可进入下一难度的挑战. *地球大厅左下1挑战关卡按钮,点击进入挑战关卡后,点击选择挑战难度,迎接潮水般涌来的异型昆虫吧! *地球大厅左下2荣誉按钮,进入察看得到相关荣誉可得的奖励.努力加油哦. *地球大厅中间英雄兵库按钮,进入购买和升级你的英雄.本版本提供20个英雄.记得要合理搭配你的兵种才好顺利过关哦. *地球大厅右下2帮助按钮,有操作教程. *地球大厅右下2金币购买按钮,购买金币以弥补需求量. *评论游戏可得金币5000. 希望大家会喜欢该游戏,本游戏小组邮箱sul1980@126.com,请提您宝贵的建议,以让游戏更好玩. *Welcome to join QQ group:222985013 *Thank you for the following partners support and encouragement to the game. http://www.presidiomanuli.net/ http://www.jocuri-mobile.com http://www.iphonepilot.com/ http://wyleyinteractive.com/ http://enapp.appvv.com/list-7006-0-0-1-6-1.htm http://www.seodutch.org/ http://enapp.appvv.com/ http://www.seoromanian.com/ http://slobodanseo.com/ http://www.ilireseo.com http://www.falaseo.com/ The Wonder Tree Land was once a tranquil paradise before the invasion of the Zombie Queen Ant and her troops. Our heroes will let those invaders pay the price, lead the ant troops and save the land! Game Features: ★ Grand battle field: hundreds of combat units fighting on the same scene and you will be the Commander to experience an epic battle! ★ Easy game operation and challenging tactics innovation: Command arms coordination and cooperation of close fight and long-range combat. Timely conjure Flood and adjust run routes of the troops to get yourself greatest tactical advantages. ★ Tens of play levels, tens of different species of enemies, and difficult challenge: Enemy’s troop dispatch and coordinative fighting capability is our toughest trouble! ★ Releasing different arms: with the game progressing, more different functional arms will join our just war. ★ several types of unique enemeies and heros, throusands of strategies can be used. it's smashing fun! ☆Survival model: For how long can you survive under floods of attacks? You will experience new battlefield mode in which you can win special resources and powerful relif troops by defeating your enemies! In the battle, the besetting zombie ants will be your nightmare! ☆You can get free coins by making comments for game ☆You can get coin by in-app-purchases ☆New expansion pack is coming soon. High-chanllenging survival model is there for you to conquer. ☆Fix some bugs Every new iphone user can not stop loving it. How about you? *Hope everyone to give advice on the game.Please send email sent to sul1980@126.com. *ten new recruits.
Seller:tianxia network technology Inc
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Aug 31, 2012
Updated:Mar 20, 2013
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