Universal Announcing SKILLSHOT The Hunt: Unique FPS experience with motion controls!

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    Hi everyone,

    We are excited to announce that our new game Skillshot: The Hunt will be released soon. We are a group of five indie game devs from Slovenia, Europe and Skillshot is our first self-financed game, which is expected to be released April.
    Since there is always room for improvement, we encourage fellow game devs and game enthusiasts to express their opinion.

    Looking forward to hear your feedback!

    SKILLSHOT: The Hunt
    by Bragi Interactive

    Hunting has never been so disturbingly entertaining and even worst – addictive!:D


    Skillshot: The Hunt is set in a competitive environment where time is your only nemesis. Hitting your targets and performing combos is awarded with extra time to your counter, while missing targets and reloading is penalized with time penalties. It's most valuable feature, distinguishing it from the similar games in the genre, are the INNOVATIVE MOTION CONTROLS, which allow the player to aim and shoot at a moving target simply by moving your mobile device in corresponding directions.
    Game is characterized by delightful graphics and randomly scattered elements of humour, while gameplay is set to promote player's interest to climb the competitive ladder and compete with the rest of the world.

    • - Innovative motion controls
    • - 360° play area
    • - Competitive game-play
    • - Unlock new animal species, weapons, crosshairs and consumables
    • - Collect achievements
    • - Daily quests
    • - Hidden features and Easter eggs



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