iPhone Announcing Rhythm Control HD, a new music game for iPad

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    We are Daikonsoft, a new indie dev studio consisting of two westerners living in Tokyo, Japan. We are proud to announce Rhythm Control, a new music game for iPhone and iPad that has been under development for 5 months and soon will be submitted to Apple for review.


    Rhythm Control for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad - Overview:

    A new music game tailored for the iOS devices, utilizing the multi touch screen. And simple but addictive gameplay appealing to both newcomers to the genre as well as experienced music game fans.

    Rhythm Control contains music by European and Japanese artists. Some songs are custom made for the game, others are hand picked licensed songs.

    The first release of the game will feature over 10 songs. Additional songs are planned in free updates as well as in paid DLC.

    Gameplay and difficulty tweaked to make the game enjoyable for both beginners and advanced music game players.

    Smooth 60 fps gameplay.

    Game center support with online leaderboards and achievements.

    Support for all iOS resolutions (retina enabled).

    Released worldwide in December with English, Japanese and Korean language translations.

    For more information, make sure to check our homepage (linked below)


    We are very interested in our user feedback and want to build a strong community. We will try to reply to any comments as swiftly as possible, both here on the forum as well as on our official homepage, where we also have more information about the game.

    Thank you in advance.



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