Announcing Pyro-Mamma! - Bouncing and Tapping arcade game, (Beta-test now open!)

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    Hi everyone!

    We have announced our debut game Pyro-Mamma here:

    Here's some of what the current testers are saying:
    -- "PyroMamma has very great and colored graphics, comfortable UI, nice BGM, great idea and plot!". - Vlad Fatenko
    -- "I have played through the first few levels in story mode, it is very fun and addictive already." - Fluffernutter

    if you are interested in a challenging game with intelligent level design, go ahead and enroll as a tester, with the added benefit of being the first to try new multi-player modes in the near future! If not, well stay tuned for the official release.

    Official Launch Trailer:

    Thanks to all,
  2. Pyro-Mamma [BETA-TEST] now open!

    Only 20 slots left to beta test PYRO-MAMMA!

    Enrollment ends today.
  3. wilflare

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    Jul 2, 2011
    signed up on the other thread :D
    all the best!
  4. Update.

    We recently received notice about our game being rejected for an IAP requirement that we failed to address, so we appologize for the delays to everyone interested in Pyro Mamma. This has been addressed along with other improvements, and we re-submitted the game on Aug.2, so to try and make it up, we re-opened our beta sign-up with 36 more slots so you can play and test this wonderful game NOW. Thanks for your undestanding and support. -Ed

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