Universal Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards (by Kongregate)

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by touchy85, Sep 14, 2016.

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    Sure, but you'll find, especially from the painfully easy arena battles, it is VERY easy to get 5+ packs a day BUT be forewarned that you can't store more then 70 cards at a time.
  2. Jezzace

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    Sep 21, 2016
    Am I right in thinking that the online is not actually online? Firstly, how come I always go first against other 'human' players? Surely, if I was playing a human I would at least go second at ine time?

    Second, the Human players seem perfectly happy to wait for me. If I start a game, then do something else for 10 minutes, I'll come back and the player is still happily sitting there.

    Thirdly, it seems everyone else I challenge is a moron who doesn't understand the game. Signed up to this forum just to get other people's thoughts, because it's really bugging me!
  3. PikPok

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    Its not synchronous multiplayer, and you are playing AI. You might be playing against their decks though. Even that might not be the case, of course.
  4. gaymerX

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    Dec 30, 2014
    Having played through a nice chuck of the adventure and a boat load of the arena, I can honestly say that this game has officially bored me. There is really not a whole lot of strategy and going first is a HUGE advantage. The card collecting is fun but beyond that I feel like it's just become a boring slog with no real challenge. Once I had some epic and rare cards leveled up it was insanely easy to win all the time. I've put about 22 total hours into this game and I can honestly say that I only lost about 3 or 4 hands. That's ridiculously unbalanced towards the player. If there is no challenge then why am I bothering? 2 stars.... because I love Bobs Burgers and the card themes were well thought out. Other than that, I'm done. Just my thoughts.
  5. heyllo

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Later game they work around the first move issue in arena by giving the computer an epic character defense card. They usually have 0 attack,high defense with some abilities to help negate your first card. I assume the higher your level gets the stronger these defense cards get.

    Later on there is a bit more strategy when you have epic and legendary cards with lots of abilities that changed drastically when you combine them. So where you place certain cards with special abilities matter. Especially since later game they make it more challenging to encourage you to spend money.

    Lastly the iap's in this game are some of the worst I've seen. They don't seem to understand the idea of MICRO transactions. Decent cards and energy refills cost so much that it's not worth it. This is actually a good thing for me because it stops me from spending any money. So far I have not felt that my deck is underpowered but that could be luck.

    Right now I'm level 10, just hit chapter 15, and about to finish chapter 10 gold.
  6. MissPopple

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    Oct 14, 2016

    Hey there everyone! Hopefully you can help me... I have the game downloaded on my phone and I can combine ANY cards I want, but my friend has it downloaded on his phone and it plays automatically!!!! How the hell do we turn that off!?!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! :mad:

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