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    UPDATE: its out in iTunes App Store now link
    Hi Guys, i am the developer for an upcoming game called Animals VS Monsters.
    I have been working hard on this game for the past 3 months by myself since i just graduated from university and i hope you guys will enjoy it. The pre-release game will be available on OCT 21 for FREE.

    Here are more information about the game:

    Monsters from outer space have secretly been among us for many years, feeding upon the innocent animals. Now its time for the animals to make their stand and live as free as before by chasing these monsters away! Each of the levels requires logic, skill and crazy maneuvering skill to overcome the monsters!

    Animals VS Monsters is a unique physics puzzle game combined with cute graphics. In this pre-release FREE version there are 65 levels to be played!

    Boss levels are unique and features slightly different gameplay from the rest of the levels.

    Animals VS Monsters features fun and challenging levels, with GAME CENTER & OPEN FEINT achievements, Facebook and twitter integration.


    - 65 levels with locked levels
    - Unique Boss levels
    - Fog levels
    - Multiple scenarios
    - Physics game build with cocos2d engine and Box2d physics engine
    - Accelerometer based game
    - Cute graphics
    - Very unique levels meticulously designed for your gaming pleasure
    - OpenFeint achievements support
    - Game Center support
    - Retina display support

    For more information please visit Karzymobile.com or follow us at twitter.com/karzymobile.

    You can send me any feedback by twitter or by email.
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    looks kinda nice. so you defeat the monsters by overfeeding them if I assume correctly? video would be nice.

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