AngerOfStick3: Invasion

junghyun park
******************** OPEN EVENT ******************* 10,000 money will be freely given once downloading this App within …
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******************** OPEN EVENT ******************* 10,000 money will be freely given once downloading this App within 1 days from openning 'AOS3: Invasion' IS NOW FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! One of the Top Best App. Get it now while it stays Free!! ********************************************************* Scenario: Chio gangsters failed to conquer the universe due to Stick heroes' defense, then carry out a full-scale attack to the earth. After knowing this, five members of heroes move out to defend the Chio gangsters. Features: - The five main characters have different combos and various actions, and you can change the character according to the enemy. - You can meet different types of boss and enemies in each planet. - You can enjoy fantastic mood on various maps of seven different planets. - Like in Dragon Ball, many actions like energy beam, combo in the air, continuous attack, weapon, and power glove for level-up were added. - More action frames and biggger character images than before User say : -"This game makes me feel lik im playin dragon ball z" -"Once you start playing it you wouldn't want to put it down." - " It is a very fun game that I ever played in my life!! " - " It's an amazing game highly recommended" - "Great game, controls are easy to use and the graphics are a huge upgrade from the previous titles." - "Great combination of RPG and action. " - " One of the best stick type games if that means anything" Support Information: For additional support, please contact: E-mail :
Seller:junghyun park
Genre:Arcade, Strategy, Action
Release:Sep 20, 2012
Updated:Nov 29, 2016
Size:41.8 MB
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