[Android] Tilt planes vs. aliens - a tribute to the 25. anniversary of the Gameboy

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    Aliens have invaded Earth and it's every man for himself! Defend yourself and blast those aliens like we did back in the day on our Nintendo Gameboys! Endless fun and best game you could have on you smart device!

    - 15 unique planes to unlock
    - Unique controls
    - Real retro graphics

    The game is a tribute to Nintendo Gameboy so the art direction is appropriate. It is a simple game. You tilt your device to move your plane up and down. Touching the screen makes your plane shoot. The goal is pretty obvious, you shoot aliens to score points and earn credits. With credits you buy more planes so you can better shoot more aliens and score even more points. The game balanced to the point that the planes aren’t better or worse but personalized and that is the key factor that makes this game special.

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