Universal [Android] Spectrum Break - Synth-infused physics platformer

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    Oct 19, 2017

    Hey everyone :)

    In March, I released my first big game Spectrum Break on Steam. This was a huge life goal for me and I was really happy with it. But an odd thing happened. I posted my game on IMGR and was met with a viral overwhelming wave to release the game on Android too.

    So I've been working on making sure the game runs well on mobile. Some local developers helped me out a lot by letting me test on their older devices which was awesome of them.

    Now after 8 more months of development, I'm proud to announce that Spectrum Break is releasing on Google Play on November 23rd!

    You can find a link to the beta and add the game to your wishlist below.

    If you have feedback on the beta before the game releases. Please reach out to me at jasonhein@spectrumbreak.com or on twitter @jasondavidhein

    Thank you so much guys.

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