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    Nursery Rhymes - Johny Johny is an interactive smartphone app designed for toddlers and young kids. It’s a great tool to help them learn and memorize the famous nursery rhymes. You begin the app by tapping the ‘play’ button on the wobbling rocket.


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    Fun interface
    Two children appear in the app throughout whom at the start offer to join them on a ‘space trip’. You accept their offer by tapping the play button on the rocket. After that, you’ll see an animation of the rocket hovering in space beside a planet. There is a planet corresponding to each rhyme and the rhyme’s name is written on each. You swipe for scrolling in between the rhymes.

    Cute characters made for each rhyme which performs according to the rhyme’s theme which makes it an all the more fun app for children.

    The app is very easy to sue with clear instructions provided. After tapping play, it welcomes you with the instruction ‘swipe for more rhymes’ which enables you to switch between rhymes (switch between planets). Tapping on any rhyme takes you to a rhyme.

    The famous rhymes included in this app are: ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’, ‘Rain Rain go away’, ‘I’m a little teapot’, ‘Teddy bear Teddy bear’, ‘Jingle bell Jingle bell’.

    Download and install this great app to give you company in playing with your kid, having a fun time with him/her and most of all, a help in learning rhymes.

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