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    Hello, we are Nordic Pixel a team of 2 people and we just released our new Android game “Sky Jumper”. It's a colorful vertical platformer where timing and speed is important. It features over 100 levels and 16 unlockable characters.



    Discover a unique world and a new way to move around in Sky Jumper. Swing around from hook to hook and explore all the locations of this gorgeous world.
    There will be many dangers in your quest to save this extraordinary universe from an evil puppet.
    Beware of the bombs, spikes and traps that will be on your path and become the savior this world needs.






    and you can get the game here :

    an iOS version will be released sometime after christmas!

    Feel free to drop by our Facebook page aswell, we are very open to suggestions on future gamedevelopment!

    Thanks for watching! And if you like the game and want to help us don’t forget to share .

    thanks for watching:)

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