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    Oct 2, 2018
    Hi there!
    I am a solo - developer (1-man team) of a game called "Ball Finder", it is available in the google play store (ANDROID).
    This game is a original shell-game type, where there is 2 to 6 cups in the start of a level, and a ball that hides underneath one of them, after they stop moving you need to pick the right one to win and to move to the next level.
    after you win a level, you can chose to spin the wheel, which will grant you points, with those points you can buy custom cups, even custom ball (coming soon) & Markers.
    Markers are used to MARK a losing cup in the start of a level, which will help you in the level.
    I worked (hard) on this game over 3~4 months now.
    I'll add some images.
    I cannot wait to hear your opinions! (even if they're bad)
    please DO SHARE them :)

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