Android [Android][Free] Pentazzle ~ do you like tetris? now you can play with custom pieces!

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    Jan 17, 2023
    Hi community!

    I want to share with you my new game:


    Welcome to Pentazzle!

    Get ready for a block challenge like never before! Pentazzle combines the nostalgia of the classic block game with the vibrant aesthetics and sound effects of BrickGame.

    Choose your play style: do you prefer the classic pieces or dare with a custom set of monominos, triminos, tetraminos, pentaminos, or hexaminos? The choice is yours!

    Unleash your creativity and strategy as you fit the pieces to create perfect lines and clear the board. But be careful not to run out of space!

    Key features:

    • Retro experience with a modern twist.
    • Variety of gameplay options to challenge your mind.
    • Captivating graphics and sound effects.
    • Hours of guaranteed fun for players of all ages!
    Are you ready to master the art of blocks in Pentazzle? Download it now and start playing. Let the fun begin! ✨


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