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    Aug 17, 2022
    August 18 The Opening announcement of new server "S2 King's Advent"
    Dear all warriors.
    Welcome to the Ancient Battlefield again! The new server "S2 King's Advent" will be opened at 12:00 noon on August 18, 2022. Please wait patiently for the server to open.
    Players who have recharged can contact customer service to get information about the rules of diamond refund.
    Players can receive the opening VIP level gift pack after they go online.
    Level 30 Gift Package exchange code: VIPlv30
    Level 50 Gift Package exchange code: VIPlv50
    1-Turn Gift Package exchange code: VIPlv1001
    After the character reaches the corresponding level, you can click on the Village - Welfare Center ´╝îenter in the redemption code to receive the Gift Package.
    Customer Service WhatsApp: [+60199643583]
    August 16, 2022

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