American Braves

A different kind of game.

American Braves is a short story adventure game more alike an ebook than a traditiona…
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A different kind of game.

American Braves is a short story adventure game more alike an ebook than a traditional game. It is easy to play, has positive themes and is not addictive. Playing through an episode takes about 20 minutes.

If you are looking for fast paced action, look elsewhere, as this is a game with no combat. The main gameplay involves going through the story about a hero and a small town in rural America. The first episode features themes about environmentalism and American social classes.

Embedded within this narrative is a form of gameplay which allows the player to persuade NPCs in a conversation system influenced by turn-based RPGs. The game records your choices and you receive an ending tailored to your decisions. Additionally, you level up and gain new conversation skills.

Every component, from the sound to the art to the programming, was done over four months by a single author. This game was created by one person. If you're looking for highly processed copies of app store best-sellers, that is definitely not this.

It uses a film sprite style that is unique and used in a few fighting games such as Streets of Fury and Mortal Kombat, but takes this technique and mixes it with stylistic aspects of 90s adventure games and isometric RPGs like Breath of Fire to create a very different aesthetic.

The soundtrack is a recording of a live performance of a 9-song alternative folk rock album written for the game.

One episode is available at first -- in the future new episodes may be released.

If you're looking for a highly personal, unique and thoughtful short story experience which you cannot get anywhere else, try this app.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jun 30, 2012
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