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    :DDear all, the brand new app: (Art Camera! Photo To Art) has been released.

    This is a unique, distinctive, amazing app for adding great artistic effects to your photos!
    You only need to take one step to turn your photos into masterpieces of art!
    Simply choose a photo from library, then choose an artistic effect, Wow! The photo becomes stunningly beautiful in an instant!
    Currently, many apps can only change a photo's color or add filters; but this app can create real art!
    You can still become a great artist without mastering complicated image processing skills!
    Look at the screenshots below: gorgeous art designs, myriad of styles beyond imagination! What’s not to love?

    Key Features:

    ★ Exclusive 50+ brand new combinations of fantasy art effects, 260+ amazing artistic items, shocking debut!
    ★ Each combination contains 5 - 8 art items, each item can be edited individually!
    ★ Different combinations can be broken down into separate art items, which can be re-mixed to create an infinite number of different effects!
    ★ Exclusive ‘Smart-Combination’ technology: Just drag out a combination, it will put each art item into its proper place automatically based on the golden ratio!
    ★ Exclusive ‘Beauty-Light’ art elements, even if only to add them to your photo, it will still be very brilliant!
    ★ Support for flipping art items horizontally!
    ★ Support for zooming out art items up to 18x!
    ★ Support for rotating art items to any angle to fit your photo perfectly!
    ★ Support for adjusting transparency of art items for a more natural look!
    ★ Support for adjusting position of art items!
    ★ Support for adjusting hierarchical relationships between various art items!
    ★ Exclusive ‘Magic-CIII Color-Change’ technology allows you to change the color of art items to whatever you want!
    ★ Support for adjusting photo brightness, brighten your dark photos in an instance!
    ★ All features support both gestures and buttons -- easy to use!
    ★ Send photos via email or save them to your photo album!
    ★ Tightly integrated with Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing with your friends!
    ★ iPhone4/4s High-resolution support!
    ★ We are committed to adding more features to bring you more joy!

    We're always excited to hear from you. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at:




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