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    Nov 29, 2014
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    I am the publisher of Amazing Balloon game(publisher: Devoks).It is available on app store and google play.
    But as you know i can't understand what people(except my friends) think about the game.
    what do you think about this new game? İ would appreciate if you make comments and share your ideas? and i have to tell you it is very classic endless game but i believe design.
    can it be another Flappy bird:)

    P.S: i couldn't know where i should open the thread. hope this is the correct place.


    app store link

    google ply link

  2. sterlingware

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    Aug 26, 2014
    All I have to say is... wow... this game is TOUGH.

    I can't get past the first few barriers... I keep tilting my phone in hopes that the balloon will move a different way. Flappy-bird like? Yes.

    My best score is 5.

    Some notes:

    - you have "tap to play" at the start of every game. How about changing it to "tap to move the balloon"? Tap to play doesn't really tell the player much.
    - your music is great, not annoying at all.
    - ads every 5 deaths is good, it's not too much.
    - Suggest having a link to a youtube video of how to get far in the game. It seems like getting to a score of 10 would be near impossible for me. I'm sure there's something I'm not seeing.

    Fun game overall.

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