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    Hey, folks -- I'm working on alt.hack, a hacking game for iOS based on the hacking mechanic from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I'm looking for a few dozen people to help out with beta testing; if a fast-paced hacking game with a full level editor and a sordid cyberpunk story sounds like your thing, PM me with a four-digit door code (you know the one I mean) or hit me up on Twitter (@doches).

    Capture your way across a network to successfully hack it.

    Hacked emails tell a sordid cyberpunk story.

    Every hack is a race against the clock; capture target nodes before security can trace you.

    Publish your own networks, and see how other players fare against them.

    Beta testers get to pick the name of a character in the story (with some caveats, obviously) and I'll call your name out in the credits of the game as well. I've written a little more about alt.hack over on my developer blog (, if you're interested.
  2. Colour me interested, I went the hacker's way in DE: HR so yeah. I want to play the beta :)
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    When i read the title i thought to myself "dotHack!" that i just had to check the thread out. Not what i expected though.
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    Sorry to disappoint, Exact-Psience! It's definitely not a .hack game (I don't fancy that level of lawsuit!), though I'd certainly love it if there were such a thing on iOS.

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