Alliance Alive HD Remastered

THE ALLIANCE ALIVE HD Remastered -A Grand Adventure of Nine Characters Join the protagonists from the divided realms, v…
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THE ALLIANCE ALIVE HD Remastered -A Grand Adventure of Nine Characters Join the protagonists from the divided realms, varying in race, gender, and age. An epic story with intertwining fates awaits our heroes. - A RPG With Tactical Turn-Based Battle System Ready your weapons and plan the most effective formation with up to five characters. Engage in turn-based tactical combat by facing the monsters among the realms. Speed up your battle by increasing the speed of combat. - Optimized User Experience & New Features Featuring renewed HD graphics and optimized user interface! New features, such as ‘Guidebook’, and new tutorials will Enhance your experience in Alliance Alive! - Embark on Your Journey with Cool Rides Hop on the various Vehicles appearing in the game, to explore the numerous realms divided by the “Dark Current”. [Warning] Before purchasing or using this application, please make sure to check the [Notes on this application] at the bottom of the page [Notes on this application] ▼△▼ OS Environment ▼△▼ iOS 10.0 or later ※This application only supports OS that are officialy released or distributed. However, this does not guarantee the maximized performance of the application. ▼△▼Recommended Devices ▼△▼ iPhone 7 or later, iPad 5th Generation or later Internal Memory (RAM): 2GB or more ▼△▼ Recommended Gameplay ▼△▼ This application has Quick Save (auto-save) function. Please use the in-game save feature frequently to prevent the data loss due to unexpected error. Running multiple applications may cause instability of gameplay. We recommended closing all application running in the background for a stable gameplay. ▼△▼ Disclaimer ▼△▼ 1. Please note that support for OS versions that are not listed on the [Recommended Gameplay] section. 2. Depending on the environment and device you are playing, the application may not function properly. 3. Even if the supported OS version is stated as 'iOS XXXX or higher', we do not guarantee that the application will run on the latest version of the OS. 4. Depending on the device, it may take some time to initiate the application and start the gameplay. 5. Depending on the device, a blank border displays on the screen.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Dec 14, 2022
Updated:Jan 30, 2023
Size:3.5 GB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal