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Discussion in 'Public Game Developers Forum' started by Krehol Games, Nov 18, 2010.

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    I been reading alot of threads , with the canabalt thread wining ridiculous thread of decade award . I see alot of people complaining about prices in different threads .

    "Oh its not worth $2.99 , your breaking my wallet " .

    " Oh no $1.99 is the dev crazy , 99 cent or nothing is my motto "

    " he had the nerve to charge $2.99 , what type of human being are you "

    " I dont care if its 3D with playstation graphics , 99 cent should be the maximum allowed !!! Who the hell does gameloft think they are !?! "

    " For $6.99 I could buy 9 games for 99 cents , so dummies waste your money , I must be the only one who can do math over here "

    " today I lost all respect for Rovio , he stole angry birds from chillingo , and has the nerve release a halloween version for 99 cents !!! Its should be free that stealing bastard !!

    And even bloggers have something to say

    " Everyone we need to make a stand today or pay dearly later . Apple and the developers have a secret plan .Apple launched the ipad and told developers to start price gouging . I mean $5.99 for a game I could buy a console game with that type of money . Look I dont mind the $1,99 or even $2.99 sometimes its worth it . But $5.99 now you developers cross the line
    and are stepping in forbidden territory . Thats premium money I can do alot with $5.99 . At $5.99 you are impairing my ability to pay bills and support my own family. I once saw a game listed at $9.99 and almost past out. Are you ****ing crazy !! $9.99 how the hell I am supposed to pay rent !!

    Now for the point of all this , a very important point. As developers we should not and can not let people jugde what our art is worth . Whatever effort you put into the game , that dictates the price . Dont let people push you around and tell you how to price your app . Yes all developers 1st game or app should be 99 cents to get a feel for the market . After that you should price your app according to work you put into it. At 99 cent your game or app is just another game or app . At a higher price the people who pay will appreciate you app , give you suggestions and support you . Thank you for your time in reading this.
  2. flod

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    Jan 5, 2009
    I don't see the point of this thread (including the calling on Mods & Admins?) when the pricing topic has been discussed so throughly in this dev. forum alone. Still, I must admit that blog post you've quoted was really amusing :))
    People risking not paying their bills because of the devs plotting together pricing apps $6 and above! Are you sure it wasn't in a sarcastic context? Where is it from? :)
  3. madmud101

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    Dec 30, 2009
    Haha, some of those quotes are ridiculous. I would also like to see their 'source'.

    Yeah well, 12 year olds have tight pockets, its a fact. Doesn't mean you have to write a thread about it.

    You complaining about how they're complaining doesn't improve the situation. We all know how ridiculous the situation is, but hey ho.
  4. Cilo

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Los Angeles
  5. 99c_gamer

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Its actually the other way around there are a lit of 99c games that are worth more than 99c
  6. lukeca

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    Jul 22, 2009
    Haha that one about the rent sure seems like it has to be a joke, if the dude can't pay rent maybe he shouldn't have spent money on buying the idevice in the first place.
  7. Krehol Games

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    Most of those quotes can from the canabalt thread. I sat there and read the whole 40 or so pages . It took me 3 hours , mainly because I was laughing my a$$ off . The member freedog was most ridiculous saying Adam Atomic payed Hoapp off which is absurd.

    The Rovio comes from itunes the angry birds halloween special . Some people thought he ripped chillingo off . The blog I cant find but maybe some thing where exagerated as far as the blog is concerned.
  8. ScottColbert

    ScottColbert Well-Known Member

    In a perfect world this would work-but the app store is far from perfect, I'm afraid. With very few exceptions, and I mean very few, no one ever gets paid what their work is worth. It's more what will you accept, and most importantly in the app store, what the public will pay. Unless you're a big name (in any industry be it games, music, books, etc) the fact is you end up settling for what you can get.

    Example: I have a book coming out next year. It's a novella, so under 200 pages. I worked on that from June of '09 till November of '09. Everyday for several hours a day. I then spent from Dec '09 to Feb '10 editing it. I spent a couple of hundred hours working in it if not more. To be generous, I'll say 175 hours. So what's that worth? Certainly more than the modest advance or profit sharing I'll receive.

    Yet, I have to be realistic. To be compensated for all that time is not feasible. That's whether it's my first novel or my 30th. With the advent of Print on Demand, and the ease with which people can self publish their work, it's a tough market, so you have to be objective. Worth goes out the window if it means putting food on the table or not.
  9. Moonjump

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    May 17, 2010
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    The problem is the free app a day type promotions are killing even the 99 cent price point.

    I don't buy apps from anyone that takes part in those promotions because of the expectation that I will get offered it free at some point. But some will not notice the names involved and just expect everything to reach free at some point. It will not.
  10. wefiends

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    Jul 30, 2010
    I buy a ton of games and even now, a few years after the app store launched, I still often think "what? this game is a buck? Wasn't I paying $40-50 bucks for a crappier version of this game on the SNES/Playstation just a little while ago?". Maybe I'm just old.

    As for the free app trend: as a gamer I don't get selling your game for a few weeks and then giving it away free, even for a day. You feel suckered and I don't think thats entitlement, just reality. A year after release when your launching a new game? Sure. At that point your game is basically an ad for the next one.

    Then again, as a developer I know how hard it is. If giving away a few tens of thousands of copies (to people who will probably never even play it) will give you the chart position you need to pay the rent, I get it.
  11. Krehol Games

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    I hope developers are talking notes of the concern of gamers . Dropping prices , changing them to free , alot of things need to change to gain ground and consumer sales.
  12. Rocotilos

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    Dec 5, 2009
    iOS Apps & Games Developer
    NOBODY can set a standard of a price of ANYTHING.

    1. The price of anything only depends on 2 things - supply and demand.
    What good is a 4.99 game, if nobody demands it?

    2. You can't please everyone.

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