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    May 17, 2012

    We are Bilu Games and we love developing touch games :D

    Our latest release Aliens Abducted!, is waiting to be approved on the App Store.


    This is a life or death game! Moe, Barry and Marvin were abducted from their planets and challenged to travel across the universe on a wisdom conquer journey. Only your knowledge can save them! Select the correct flag for each country. Collect 25 stars and unlock an addictive platform game: Escape. Help Moe, the angry alien, fight for his life.
    The game’s library will help you learn each country’s shape, flag, capital city and population to improve your gameplay. Do you think you master world’s geography? Try Flags Free Mode with all countries and only 3 lives to identify all of them.
    Think fast and choose correctly!

    Get inspired with an awesome selection of wise earthling quotes that will make you keep playing!
    Share your score with your friends in Facebook and Twitter, challenge them to beat you!

    Aliens Abducted is an educational game that will help you develop a solid knowledge about every country’s flag and location on Earth while having fun.

    Bilú Games is a small studio focused on creating didactic games for kids and family emphasizing on quality graphics and design. Our goal is to entertain you while you learn and develop skills.

    Two game modes:
    Flags Level mode: you will guess country flags in levels from easy to hard.
    Flags Free mode: you will go all around the Earth guessing every country flag randomly. You only have 3 alien lives.
    Unlock Platform game:
    Escape: Fight with Moe against the robots! When you collect 25 stars you’ll unlock this addictive endless platform game. So keep playing!

    2 game options:
    Flags Level mode with 32 levels.
    Flags Free mode:
    + 150 country flags.
    + 150 country maps.
    Stunning handmade animations.
    + 100 famous quotes.
    Escape: An addictive platform game.
    Library includes each country’s name, flag, capital city and population.
    Direct links to each country’s Wikipedia article.
    Share your achievements in Facebook and Twitter.

    And here are a couple of screenshoots:

    Guess the flag!




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    Aug 18, 2011
    I like the educational part of this. Nice looking game, good luck :)

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