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    Hi there. My name is Alex Cuervo.

    I currently play guitar and sing in the Hex Dispensers, but I've been playing in punk rock and garage punk bands for over 25 years now. My entire life has been a series of obsessions relating to science fiction comics, indie and cult horror movies, monster artwork and toys, video games, punk rock, new wave, deathrock/goth, garage rock, experimental/industrial, delta blues, 60s soul, movie soundtracks, trashy vintage paperback novels, arthouse films, and genre TV shows.

    I hope that the soundtrack music I make is somehow indicative of that, but I invite you to see for yourself:

    My rates for original music are scalable and reasonable based on your budget and my enthusiasm for your project. (Hint: My enthusiasm is directly related to how good your artwork is and the subject matter of your project.)

    A quick clarification because I realized too late that the subject of this thread might be misunderstood. I'm using the term "veteran" in the sense that I've been in the punk rock game for a very long time. I am not a military veteran and I certainly did not mean to imply this. Above all I meant no disrespect to the men and women who have served our country in uniform.

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