iPad Alchemy Reactions By Chaotic Heart Studios

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    Alchemy Reactions is a game of timing, skill, and reasoning. It is a puzzle/arcade game that rewards planning and thinking.

    The goal is simple; clear your board of the free Elements floating around. Each time you touch an Element, it explodes into a Reaction. These Reactions can then set off other Elements; causing vast chain reactions.

    Alchemy Reactions features:

    *Two modes - Story and Endurance.

    *An engrossing alternate-history storyline, where the promises of Alchemy are real and the effects have altered history. View this world through the eyes of a French Alchemist during the 100-years war.

    *Three Alternate Endings, decided by your final score.

    *An Alchepedia, detailing some of the real-life history, alchemists, and recipes.

    *Fun, interesting game-play with solid replay value.




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