Airship Knights

[Airship Knights X WEBTOON Guardians of the Video Game] Collaboration Guardians of the Video Game where the secret work…
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[Airship Knights X WEBTOON Guardians of the Video Game] Collaboration Guardians of the Video Game where the secret workers roll the game unbeknownst to everyone! Their mission of successfully supporting the warriors to the end is underway! This time, their work place is Airship Knights! ■ Greatest Attendance Event! Up to Collab Knight Ticket x2 available! ■ 2 new Captain Costumes! [Guardian] & [Researcher] Costume! ■ Collab Dungeon OPEN! Defeat the distorted Four Guardians and GET awesome rewards! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "An arcane punk world where airships fly through the sky. You are the first airship captain from Cloud Island!" Break through the infinite stages with AFK play and become a legendary hero! ■ Board the airship and Fight in 'Time Attack' Idle Battles - A 10 seconds match! Defeat the monsters in time and advance! - Combat and growth are automatic so increasingly stronger enemies won't be any problem for you. ■ An adventure story that blends magic and engineering - Lose yourself in this animated fantasy world. - Double the immersion with the unique story of each knight, and the battles are more exhilarating! ■ Get stronger with 'returns' in this endless journey - Once you feel the limit to your endless journey, open the portal and go back to the beginning! - With more power, you will be able to travel even farther. ■ With a powerful engine, upgrade to have the strongest airship - Enhance your magic engine to quickly increase your combat power! - Manage 6 cabins including the Control Room, Engine Room and Research Room to strengthen your airship. ■ 40 Pixel Knights with incredible looks and abilities! - Create your own party with knights with various attributes and positions. - You can help your knights grow in various ways, such as promotion, awakening, and equipment. ■ Explore the World Map for a wider world view - Arena: 1:1 PVP to unveil powerful knights - Elemental Island: Battle with the White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Blue Dragon, and the Red Bird! - Soul Dungeon: Challenge the dungeon to upgrade to the Knights Templar. - Sky Tower: Conquer the tower filled with monsters and uncover ancient secrets. - Temple: The Promotion Battle of the Captains! Overcome the trials of the goddess.
Genre:Arcade, Role Playing
Release:Dec 06, 2022
Updated:Jan 31, 2023
Size:773.9 MB
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