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    AirRaid is a 3D augmented reality multiplayer game with elements of tower defense and social gaming, which provides a competely new gaming experience!

    You are the commander of a war base, which is located on your actual GPS coordinates. You can upgrade your structures, build defense structures like AA guns and SAM sites and different kinds of planes!

    Defeat your enemies by sending hordes of bombers and earn cash and experience!

    Communicate with your friends and coordinate your attacks seamlessly via in-game facebook integration!
    Play against real people from facebook or surprise your friends with occasional air raids!


    - all new kind of gameplay (AR 3d multiplayer tower defense)
    - cool graphics with Ogre3D engine
    - facebook integration
    - ranking and score tracking

    Supported devices:

    iPhone (3GS), iPhone 4

    I Will Add Soon a gameplay Video

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