iPad Airforce Reaction Deluxe

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  1. Price 59p/$0.99

    With mind bending backgrounds and pulsating music!
    -Test your reaction time across 20 levels of fast-paced action! Only the quickest survive!
    -Now with audio backgrounds, which gets faster as the game gets faster!
    -Rich new graphics including backgrounds that will test your brain as well as your reflexes.
    -Now with World High scores, compete against your friends or the rest of the World!
    -Option to listen to your music, or game music.
    -Play with random backgrounds or the Classic white.
    The only question is: Have you got what it takes to pass the Airforce Reaction Test?

    Designed by the Airforce to test reaction time and ability to think at progressively fast speeds

    this simple game can prove difficult to beat and now youÂ’ve got the chance to prove your skills.

    Move the red cube to avoid the blue cubes, simple? Try and see how long you last, it takes 180

    seconds to pass for the Aifrorce?
    The ultimate test for your reactions and with the addition of progressive music and optical

    illusion backgrounds that now really test your mind, ears and eyes, this game proves easy to

    learn, but tough to beat!




  2. wonderva

    wonderva Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2009
    sorry but WHAT THE EFFF

    looks like its gonna hurt my eyes
  3. potheadhero

    potheadhero Well-Known Member

    Jul 3, 2009
    This game looks really trippy. If only there was a lite version.

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