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    Air Tycoon is a realistic Airline tycoon game.
    You choose a Name and symbol before competing against other airlines to become the Air Tycoon Master.

    Some tips for New Players:
    - Set Maximum Employee and Investment rates in the first turn.
    - Only Buy SB aircraft until you have a stable income.
    - Use high rated city's as Hubs ( Seoul, London, Paris, Los Angeles)
    - Avoid Africa and South America unless the Airways in Asia, North America and Europe are crowded with Flight Paths.
    - Don't take out a loan unless you are playing in the Hard and Tycoon modes.
    - Set up premium routes like London - Paris and Bangkok - London.
    - Maximize Amount of flights on a route before the price
    - Always make sure your price is cheaper then your opponent if you are valued less then them.
    - When creating a new route set the price and amount of flight to about 60%.
    - Always look at the predicted amount of passengers number before opening a route.
    - Dont try to compete on a route with a higher valued competitor.
    - Always check your staff numbers before going to the next turn.
    - The AJ-050, AB-070 AND AB-100 are the best planes to use in Asia, Africa, South America and in some parts of North America.
    - The AJ-200 and AJ-277 are the best planes to use in Medium profit routes (5,000 passengers)
    - Use the AB-380 and AJ-700 on high profit routes (Some are Listed in tip #6)

    Are they any tips I am missing?
    Where these tips helpful?
    Please don't post the cheat bellow!

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