iPad Air fight: yet another dogfighting game.

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    The graphics in the screenshots look okay but the ships aren't even rendered!
    The price tag is a little expensive at 9.99$.
    Sorry, can't post link (on touch)

    Beat your friends in AirFight!

    "You engage in battle with a fighter in each of your iPhone or iPod touch devices via Wi-Fi. The player with the best tactical and flying skills has the best chance of emerging victorious. There is also a singleplayer mode for when you want to play on your own. The gaming experience is incredible. You pilot your plane with the help of the accelerometer and use Multi-Touch to fire your weaponry and regulate your speed. The 3-D graphics and sound effects create the atmosphere but it’s the sensation of flight that’s best about the game. A company that has developed flight simulators for the Swedish JAS Gripen fighter has helped in creating AirFight."

    available on App store - now!

    Choose between:
    - Singleplayer and multiplayer modes
    - Two different ways of piloting your plane – Arcade or Advanced mode
    - Three different degrees of difficulty
    - Battery-saving or normal mode
    - A variety of other features

    The fighter is equipped with:
    - Machine guns and homing missiles
    - Orientation and information in Head Up Display
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  3. The planes look a bit crap. I mean they look like they are modeled well, but where are the textures? And one plane looks to have a horrible black outline. I wouldn't mind, but when you consider the cost, we deserve better than that.
    Who wants to spend £6/$10 to see if it's better than the others? Anyone? Hello? ....

    Btw- I agree with Salsamd too.
  4. istopmotion

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    Nov 21, 2008
    I think the game looks great but I'd appreciate it if they made the planes look more like the one in the icon. I think the icon looks fantastic but the planes in the game don't look quite as nice :(
  5. The thing is, for this price, we really do deserve to have a proper flight combat sim, with not only dogfighting, but also proper mission structure, land targets, various landscapes, and landing at the end of a mission.
    Once again, we have dogfighting game with nothing else to offer.
  6. Thorero

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    Ouch! Those textures are non-existant aren't they. Those Outlines are also rather off-putting. I really couldn't shell out $9.99 when you've got Rolando and SimCity for the same price.
  7. Chiller ONE

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    Sep 20, 2008
    Funny, all these new dogfighting games have fancy graphics and such but their gameplay sucks compared to SciFly, a game that was programmed by one teenager.
  8. CloneWars

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    Some Advice...

    1. Like everyone else has been saying the planes need to be improved ;)
    2nd. Having the people in the video, although a cool idea i think that most people would like gameplay rather then this.
  9. Vende

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    Nov 11, 2008
    From $10 to $8 to $3 in only a few days. I guess the developer got a clue.
  10. £4.99 in the UK store atm ($8 US price).

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