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    v2.04 just out,
    10 free promo code (11/20/2010).
    Reply in this thread, so I can PM you the code.
    Please leave a review in App store,
    We will improve it in new version. Thanks.

    iTunes Link;

    Air Battle of Britain is a realistic 3d air combat game for iphone,
    to recreate the fierce battle 70 years ago.

    From July to September 1940 the Battle of Britain raged between the German Luftwaffe and British RAF, the first major campaign fought entirely in the air. The fate of Britain lay in the hands of men, barely out of their teens, sent up in Spitfires and Hurricanes to confront waves of Luftwaffe fighters and bombers.

    * Control your fighter with accelerometer.
    * Realistic flight control for full 360 degree of pitch/roll/yaw.
    * Battle take place in photorealistic scene.(Please check the screenshot)
    * Accurate 3D model for major aircrafts in Battle of Britain, they are:
    -- * Supermarine Spitfire (fighter).
    -- * Hawk Hurricane (fighter).
    -- * Messerschmitt Bf-109(fighter).
    -- * Messerschmitt Bf-110(fighter).
    -- * Dornier Do-17(bomber).
    -- * Henkel He-111(bomber).
    -- * Junkers Ju-87 'Stuka'(bomber).
    -- * Junkers Ju-88(bomber).
    * Dogfight with enemy fighter which can do maneuvers such as Immelman, Split-s and Barrel-Roll.
    * Intercept large enemy bomber raids.
    * 3 different view mode (Normal/Full screen/Target follow)
    * Movie clips of documentaries film for each 2 mission pass.
    * 46 pages of Battle of Britain history for reading.

    Screent Shot




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    I would like to try it out. Thanks
  3. newiphoneuser

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    Apr 22, 2010
    id love to try it out...if u still have codes, would love one..would post my impressions after checking it out..thanks
  4. PowerBoy

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    Oct 21, 2010
    I would like to get the code if there is some code left.. Thx..
    looking cool

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