Age of Darkness 3D

Age of Darkness – The most anticipated Action RPG of 2015 is now going to your hands in Full HD

"This is a…
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Age of Darkness – The most anticipated Action RPG of 2015 is now going to your hands in Full HD

"This is a successful Action RPG of 2015, particularly for the game's visual style, stunning skill effects and relentless extreme combos, rivalling those in PC games"
"In short, Age of Darkness is a compelling Action RPG with fascinating 3D characters and visual effects and engaging stylized action, you will be immersed in the intense battles against more than 120 dungeon bosses and the quest for power & honour here"

A call to arms to all warriors, witches, and would-be assassins: ready your weapons, steady your hands and prepare to wage a war that could save an entire realm.
This is the Age of Darkness’ latest offering in the most intriguing, immersive game play experience ever.
Forge an alliance and hatch cunning plans with friends to conquer the world, or adventure alone as you navigate various deep, dark dungeons, where wicked dragons and atrocious bosses lie in wait for worthy challenges.
Choose your class wisely: Use your strength and fighting ability as a Warrior to demolish any defense, or slip through the toughest monsters and deal a deadly blow as an Assassin, or penetrate the strongest shields with your ultimate spells as a Wizard.

- The only 3D Action RPG in Full HD for mobiles!
- Over 380 Avatars and 20 unique wings for your heroes
- Unlimited combos and crazy stylized action
- Rule the skies while flying through 720 dungeons!
- Make an expedition team and own the world!
- Flexible Auto-attack mechanism
- Perfect real-time function with unprecedented large scale

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Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Oct 11, 2015
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