Warlord Tactics: Aftermath

Are you looking for a *skill-based* strategy game? Tired of mindless games that require you to spend money just to keep …
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Are you looking for a *skill-based* strategy game? Tired of mindless games that require you to spend money just to keep playing?

Join the vast world of Warlord Tactics, building your unique armies from hundreds of collectible units, forming guilds and competing in tournaments.

"The deeper you look, the more layers of strategy there are..."
- SecretService

"It's like fantasy-themed speed chess"

"That's what I love: one wrong move and you're dead."
- Browning44

Easy to learn, hard to master: this is not a tap-and-forget game. Warlord Tactics is a world where there is no single strategy that always wins. Beating all 5 campaigns will earn you 5 distinct races of units to play with. Then, to excel at PvP, you'll need to adapt to your opponent and think on your feet.

Warlord Tactics was built by a handful of gamers looking to build the game we always dreamed of, back in our heyday...

Over the years, we laughed, we cried, we pwned noobs, we failed classes leveling our Rogues, we got yelled at by our friends and family for PvPing during dinner, and spent boatloads of money refreshing that evil energy bar. Over the years, we were also fortunate enough to meet a lot of people just like us.

Gamers from around the world helped us design Warlord Tactics. You wouldn’t believe where we started, and how far we’ve come. The first version of this game was barely playable! Over 50 recovering MMO-addicts helped us make it better. Over a year later, we think we are onto something you might like.

We aren’t going to tell you that this game is perfect (it isn’t). Neither are we going to list a bunch of fancy sounding game features. Actually, we aren’t going to tell you a whole much about it at all. It’s more fun to explore it on your own!

What we are going to tell you is that we are here to create a lasting community. We are here to listen and want your feedback. Build with us. Scare us. Help shape the future of Warlord Tactics. Our dream is that you will dream with us.
Genre:Card, Strategy
Release:Nov 05, 2014
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