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Run to survive and uncover the mystery of the labyrinth in the casual game Run Aesthar enjoys climbed back of a rabbit a…
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Run to survive and uncover the mystery of the labyrinth in the casual game Run Aesthar enjoys climbed back of a rabbit an epic world filled with dangers and with amazing graphics!

You are riding a rabbit in the center of a maze which you do not know the end.Run to survive collect the precious gems, while dodging rocks, spikes and other obstacles that will make your trip an odyssey, jumps burning holes !.Save your runner with speed and skill, calls freedom before you die in the maze!

Dive into the world of the corridor Aesthar, an epic adventure in which you have to prove you're a hero.

 · Intuitive controls
 PLAY to Run Aesthar is the casual favorite mythological heroes saga back of a rabbit.
 EXPLORE the world of fantasy and collect the magic gems, unlock levels.
If you enjoy playing free games, Run aesthar is your casual, collect as many gems as you can to pass the levels. Use the onslaught to destroy obstacles or take alternative routes.

Combination of good graphics and innovation in the classic game of runner. The game has a style of fresh and beautiful art, with more than 10 fast-paced levels, including hundreds of features out of the level of running.
Run! A rise on the back of a fast rabbit Amazon should get gems and escape the traps in the level.

You have to handle both the rabbit and the warrior princess leading to the loins, you must destroy traps, jump, roll up walls to make progress.
Run Aesthar is a very addictive and exciting game. Help the cute rabbit to run, jump, slide and escape through the bush to escape and escurrírsele the fearsome Oso Pardo in this high-speed chase.
Lost in a world of fantasy.

You are a combination of a warrior rabbits and a princess, you must use your brain to handle the two characters at the same Run to by gems!
Enjoy this casual game and accelerated totally free, which features a rabbit and rider Use your reflexes to control the movements of the rabbit and keep it away from hidden traps you'll find on each level. Are you up to the challenge?Find out in this action-packed game!
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Feb 06, 2015
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