iPad Aegik presents: Five Card Jazz

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    Five Card Jazz

    Five Card Jazz takes yatzhee and poker and molds them together in a new and thrilling combination.

    Play with cards instead of dice and explore the wealth of hidden bonuses that separates the beginner from the pro!

    Achievements, top lists and ways to compare scores with your friends will keep you coming back to play. You automatically compete in total winnings and in best scores of the day, week and month.

    The built-in facebook integration lets you immediately compare your scores with any of your facebook-friends, so there is no need to add friends with codes or using other complicated methods. Just connect with your facebook account and everything is set up for you.

    As you play, you'll learn the exciting secret bonuses that let you score points even for seemingly worthless hands. The more bonuses you uncover, the better your chances are to score high points no matter what hand you are dealt!

    If you like playing cards, you'll love Five Card Jazz!

    App store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/five-card-jazz/id398485171?mt=8


    Product page: http://www.aegik.com/5cardjazz.php

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