Universal Adventure Xpress (by [Adult Swim])

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    Don't buy gear early. It isn't needed. At level 17 I have unlocked rank 5 for one spell and have enough stamps to unlock another (assuming they are all 200) without purchasing any. There's not a ton of depth, but there is plenty of lasting appeal.
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    I like this game a lot. The freemium model is extremely generous. However, there are plenty of pauses in the game, playing on a iPad 3. Also, if I switch out of the app and then back, it typically restarts itself losing the current game session.
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    Well, your assumption is wrong. I'm level 20 and I have all spells upgraded to rank4, but the 5th rank's price for each spell grows equally, it means 1st spell (rank5) price is 200 stamps, 2nd and 3rd is 400, 4th spell costs 600 stamps and I don't know about the 5th yet, cause it still available only through "buy early".. So here we are with the paywall. Sure, you can grind and repeat final bosses when the gold bag occasionally gives you stamps instead of coins, but the amount is usually between 5 and 15 tops. Considering this is happening every 5-10 games let's estimate the time necessary to collect enough stamps to unlock 5th rank for each spell without investing a real money. However optimistic the result is, nobody's going to play the game that long and I mean NOBODY.
    But, non of these matters actually because the game itself is fun, it's nice and free. True, it's getting harder and harder and I've got the feeling I'm about to hit the point when the fun becomes frustration (and the timers comes into play), but for a match3 fans it's well worth the "asking price", so why not? I'm having fun so far.. if the game was more complex and the freemium model was slightly different, it's (probably) worth investing a few bucks, but that's just "if.."

    I gave my vote to Galaxy Trucker which is well worth the current launch sale asking price (50% discount) and I'd be willing to pay the same price for Adventure Xpress if it was premium with different mechanics. What a pity it has freemium model implemented, could be much better as premium instead.
  5. L.Lawliet

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Actually I've grinded the first boss for gold bags maybe 20~ish times and gotten 0 stamps. No stamp drops in any silver bags either. Must be incredibly unlucky.
  6. grelb

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    Jun 23, 2010
    New Zealand
    Hints after reaching level 50

    I haven't yet completed the game. The levels get really hard later on.
    But I have reached level 50.
    Two friends who also play the game have both asked the same question, so I reckon I'll share what I've learnt in case others missed it.

    Enemies may have a color (some dont).
    This first enemy is Dark, the next one is Water, and the 3rd one is Dark.

    They take half damage when you match gems of their color
    But double damage from their opposing color.
    This shows that Blues enemy is Green, so on the Blue enemy - he will take double damage from Green gems which is awesome.
    If it is flashing Critical, then this is double double.!!!
    So always try to match their enemy color during a critical.

    To take full advantage of this - before a battle look at the colors of your upcoming enemies, and see if any weapons are doing additional damage when matching gems of their opposing color.
    So this first weapon will do 14 more damage on White runes, and would be a better weapon in this battle then the Beasty Hot Rod.
    This is because for 2 of the enemies you will do ((33 + 14) x 2) damage on white gems and kill them seriously quickly.

    Get facebook friends. The boosts you get for more health, more damage and faster spell charge make levels a lot easier.
  7. grelb

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    Jun 23, 2010
    New Zealand
    Most Damage ?

    I am still playing this occasionally even though I've finished it.

    Best Damage so far.
    A rediculous amount..!
    anyone beaten it? It cascaded for ever!
  8. Alduin1600

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    May 4, 2015
    Another match them up game? Ehhh
  9. LunarBowser

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    May 5, 2015
    Yeah, I gotta agree Alduin. Too many match em up games lately. It's the whole card game fad all over again

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