Adventure of Tomex on treasure island


'Adventure of Tomex' is combination of puzzle and action g…
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'Adventure of Tomex' is combination of puzzle and action game, inspired by the series Indiana Jones. In this game players will uncover secrets, overcome traps and escape from monsters on their way to the room where lies the treasure. This game is designed to be sensationally dramatic, with a lot of surprises intended for creating multiple levels of excitement for the player. Moreover, players can also participate in built-in competitions in the game to win valuable rewards.

The protagonist of the game is an explorer called Tomex, who starts his adventure on a deserted island holding the hidden treasure of an ancient civilization. In the first stage you will help Tomex to unlock the gate of the temple. There will be five different stages with increasing levels of difficulty, containing different challenges including passing through an avalanche of shooting arrows, crossing a lava pool in a volcano's mouth or quickly escaping a flooding room. During the game Tomex can be killed by surprise, unpredictable traps. Even when you think you have successfully completed a stage, something unexpected might happen and all your efforts in that stage will become meaningless. Calmness and attention to details are thus very necessary qualities for you to lead Tomex to the room with the hidden treasure.

- At the beginning the player will be instructed to two different ways of moving including:
- swipe fingers in the desired direction then touch the screen to stop, and
- use the gamepad Besides
- As the game is integrated with Facebook, players will be able to share their progress on their walls or invite friends to play together
- 5 game stages
- Game contests
- Multi languages

Notes: We will send notification when release new version, new contest and announce winner of contest.
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Jun 02, 2015
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