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    Now available on Google Play!

    Number ranges allow you to customize play for Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade level players and it can be great for improving focus and waking up adult brains too!

    • Match equations to their answers or equations to equations
    • Choose the best number range for your skill level
    • "Show Me" option keeps cards face up for easier play
    • Items, numbers and instructions are professionally narrated
    • Parental controls for sound, music and links
    • We do not collect personal information from our users.


    You can try it for free here on Google Play:
    Addition Flashcard Match Free

    Note: The free version includes range 1-3 (designed for those new to addition) which will give you a good idea of how the app works. All additional ranges require a one time in-app purchase.

    If you would prefer to pay up front for all content, you can get the full version here on Google Play:
    Addition Flashcard Match

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