AcroSplat is a new style of puzzle game with fresh mechanics and a whole lot of personality. 100+ levels packed with log…
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AcroSplat is a new style of puzzle game with fresh mechanics and a whole lot of personality. 100+ levels packed with logic reasoning puzzles, color matching, and timing puzzles too!

Join a colorful cast of adorable paint blobs as they follow their dreams and set out to join the circus in the amazing AcroSplat!

The journey won’t be easy: spikes, buzzsaws and seemingly impassable walls block your way. You’ll need a quick finger and nerves of steel to guide your tightrope-walking blobs to the safety of the paint can at the end of each level.

One-touch controls let you precisely aim your shots past the tricky traps in a game where splatting is the key to success. Fire blobs into barriers to allow paint of the same colour through to the other side, and mix hues to solve the devious challenges you’ll face across more than 100 levels in AcroSplat’s story mode.

The fun never ends with AcroSplat’s fully-featured level editor, one of the first of its kind on mobile. Players can create puzzles every bit as challenging as those found in the story mode and share them online for other paintslingers to try.

New components for the level editor are unlocked as players progress through the story mode. For those who can’t wait to play with the full toolset, a single in-app purchase unlocks
everything – including all items introduced in future title updates.

"Reminds us of the golden age of smartphone physics puzzlers" -
"Cut-the-rope and Angry birds come to mind as you slingshot the blobs from platform to platform and Acrosplat sits comfortable among them with its fantastic level design and clever ideas." -

- Test your puzzle solving abilities and reaction time with 100+ levels in story mode
- Learn to use blenders, seesaws, and pipes to your advantage
- Fling your way through the shed, garden, house and other locations on your quest to reach the circus
- Original, fun-filled soundtrack
- Show the world your creativity by making your own puzzles in the fully-featured level editor
- Compete for the high score on player-made levels – can you do better than the creators?

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Genre:Action, Puzzle
Release:Mar 08, 2017
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