Ace Racing Turbo

" it's clear that the team at AH Game had pure spectacle and high-octane speeds at the forefront of their minds while de…
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" it's clear that the team at AH Game had pure spectacle and high-octane speeds at the forefront of their minds while developing Ace Racing Turbo. The amalgam of otherworldly speeds and realistic driving mechanics may seem contradictory, but it does put Ace Racing Turbo in its own unique position within the genre, and with 20 spiralling tracks and 9 cars to experiment with, there should be a lot of content to keep you occupied." ( TOUCHARCADE ). " A handsome arcade racer with crazy looping tracks." ( POCKETGAMER ). "Exciting races with beautiful graphics and complex opponents. This game will take up little space in your smartphone, but it will give you a whole universe for extreme lovers, you are waiting for the most dizzying twists and lots of very difficult opponents. It is worth noting that on each car will be fixed turbo, using which you will not only accelerate but also get a beautiful visual effect of blurriness." ( APPMIRROR ). " Trata-se de um jogo bastante divertido no qual você pode escolher entre diversas pistas de corrida e carros únicos. Os gráficos também chamam atenção pela beleza e os usuários encontrarão altas velocidades. Abaixo você pode conferir um trailer do jogo, onde são apresentados diversos veículos e muita adrenalina. " ( TUDOCELULAR ). "A special feature of Ace Racing Turbo is the dizzying tracks and the huge speed of the turbo mode. The game is filled with visual effects and musical accompaniment for a better sense of speed." ( PLAYGROUND ). " It turns out to be a great car racing game that you can play on your iOS operating system mobile devices. You can show all your driving skills in the Ace Racing Turbo game where fast cars and challenging tracks are located. It has a totally realistic atmosphere and will allow you to experience a successful experience." ( INDIRSTORE ). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get ready and start your engine, race on amazing tracks with crazy looping. Drive the fastest car in this exciting ultimate racing game! Enjoy extreme mind-blowing visuals Choose from 20 race tracks Explore 9 unique car Reach impossible speeds Race for the World Cup and achieve victory being on top 3 Take part in a selection of hardcore challenges Win the Ghost race! Race for to the top 3, reach real unbelievable speeds, and become one of the most popular racers in Ace Racing Turbo CHOOSE YOUR CAR Pick and tune to perfection one of the 9+ car from 3 unique car classes. Customize your car by tuning its appearance. You can also increase your engine's power, upgrade your clutch, body, nitro, and more these will all have a definite impact on your car 's performance. UNIQUE WORLD SETTINGS Have you ever dreamed of driving the fastest sport car in the world? Are you fed up with standard car racing games? Then you should definitely take a look at this real challenge! HIGH SPEED RACING Take the challenge and beat the high score setting a new maximum world speed record! Nothing will stop you from reaching the finish line before your opponents. Race for the World Cup and win proudly your first world title! STUNNING GRAPHICS Ace Racer combines extreme mind-blowing visuals and sound with breathtaking gameplay. Download and play for amazing stunt real racing emotions! like us on facebook !
Seller:AH GAME
Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:May 22, 2017
Updated:Jun 04, 2017
Size:231.2 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal