iPad Accelerometer steering, done right and done wrong

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    right now we have quite a few racers and I'm a bit disappointed how they use the accelerometer. What do you think?

    Pole Position and Moto Chaser: Perfectly done. Your car/motocycle reacts immediately even to the smallest tilting of your phone.

    Nitro Kart 3D: Well done as well, but the don't keep the horizon flat. So while tilting the whole game graphics "tilt away".

    Cro Mag Rally: Well done like the first three, but you feel like riding a tank on ice and you can drive on walls, which at least is strange.

    Asphalt 4: Too sensitive, prefers drifting every time, activates the nitro whenever it wants. Overall this could be a nice control scheme, but you have to concentrate more on how and when to tilt instead of playing the game.

    GTS World Racing: They broke it completely. This could have been THE reference for a racer, because you not only steer but also accelerate and brake with tilting the phone. Here's how the broke it: When you tilt your phone just a little bit, every other racer reacts, but GTS does just nothing. Now you tilt even more, and THEN the game reacts. It puts you on a pre-calculated vector curve and then drives on it like on rails. That how it feels: Driving on rails. You never have the feeling to directly control the game, but instead you yell at somebody miles away and he does the steering - after a while. It gets a bit better when using the formula 1 car and setting the steering to 100%, but you never the the "real" feeling of the other racers.

    So, overall, I currently have Moto Chaser, Pole Position and Asphalt on my iPhone. Moto Chaser makes the most fun, Pole Position has a really really great retro feeling to it and is the ideal racer for a few minutes and Asphalt 4 is the only one which feels like a "real game", but you just have to concentrate too much on the controls to have fun with it, especially when playing it on the bus, where nitro activates *everytime*.

    What's your opinion on that? Which game do you like more, regarding the use of the accelerometer?
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    Aug 11, 2008
    I only have Cro-Mag and don't like the controls, plus the game is just boring. It's made me hesitant to buy any others, at least not for $10 and without a demo. If they'd just release free demos I think they'd gain quite a few sales. That they don't makes me think that the controls must stink, just like Cro-Mag, or worse.

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