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    Helllooooo everyone!

    I am an indie developer(oh my how many of them are there?), and under rights of discussion, and advertise, want to start this topic.

    As i am mostly a gamer, i had some experience playing mobile arcades.

    Mostly i meet runner games, like Jetpack with a possibility to tap, by this mowing your character up\down. It was very exiting for some time, and i had some room to evolve to get that high score or, simply a feel of i am relay progressing. Yet this controls i had, was about to tap or not. Reeeealy easy to master, and not that much to evolve in.

    After, i have seen some projects like subway surfers, with a bit gone deeper, giving a possibility to control it with swipes. It gave me more like a ninja feel, with this gestures, my fingers gone stylish! It is not a lazy tap, it is finger dance. Anyways, finally i was satisfied by this and had a feel, that i wanted some more. It was cause my gestures where giving the command to go left, right ect. But how much left am i going,and at which speed?

    So i had a question for myself. Is there something to be brought in mobile arcades industry, about how can player interact with the process and how the process reacts back with simply ONE TAP?

    After i got a concept of giving a detail to input to answer this question, and after a year, a finished game made by two man only...

    So, what i relay want to know, do this experience brings you to the nest step of arcade at mobile platform, or is it a wasted time of mine and a 9 year experienced coder drawn in to it by me?

    Play it free on Android

    Try i free at iOS and Wp devises (Working to make it totally free (adds))

    Windows Phone Store

    Fancy banner to make it easy from devise

    Tell me what you think of the result. What you think about the goal we set? Do you have any opinion how to reach it other way?


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