? About deleting apps from iTunes (PC) with automatic DL's on.

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    Maybe some one can do me a favor and provide me with some help for iTunes on the PC.

    To preface my question, here's how I have iTunes set up: I have automatic Downloads turned ON on my PC, but turned OFF on my iOS device. That way I can feel safe knowing anything I DL on my phone will make it onto my PC, but my PC won't try to install half a Terrabyte worth of apps on my phone ;)

    I, like most app addicts, download a lot of crap. Here's my problem: I go into the "apps" section of my library (on the PC), and delete an app. I select the option "move to garbage bin" instead of "keep in mobile apps folder".

    Sometimes everything works fine. Other times, ITunes keeps redownloading, or keeps trying to redownload the app I deleted, at least after the next time I start up iTunes. The problem is, obviously, I don't want to re download the app. I have 5 gigs left on a half terrabyte hard drive, and I've got programs crashing because I'm getting to the point where I don't have room for my disk cache; not to mention having to delete things like Skyrim just to give iTunes the room it needs.

    So...any help? I'll state the obvious (to anyone who has followed my posts): I despise ITunes, at least the PC version. I think a monkey who's only experience in programming is from Turtle on an Apple IIE could hammer out a better content management system.

    I want what I want to stay on my PC, and I want the crap to stay deleted. Should I be keeping them in the mobile apps folder instead? It sounds counter-intuitive, but a dialog box pops up when I go to delete an app stating that only files moved to the mobile apps folder, or whatever, will be moved to the trash bin. Funny, you would think the option to move a file to the damn trash bin would move it to the trash bin! (which it does).

    Someone please give me some tips/help/tutorials/ whatever before I just say to hell with it; pick up a Nexus tablet and move to Google Play. Thanks in advance.

    p.s.: why can't apple have one single employee who knows how to program an app that makes sense and works for the Windows platform? News flash Apple: I'm not buying a damned Mac, so quit screwing with me ;)

    Oh yeah, for context, I'm using Win7 64 bit with an AMD processor. I think my version of iTunes is the 32 bit version though, because despite apple telling me to switch versions, their stupid installer seems to ignore me when I try to install the 64 bit version.

    And don't tell me to go to a genius bar. I know more than they claim to know. They might know ios and OSx a bit, but beyond that they are a waste of carbon.

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