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    About :- A new undead plague has begun. You are a important soldier of anti-zombie ops whose main purpose is to deal with the undead and try to find a solution for the current apocalypse. Use your guns to shoot zombies, complete missions, save innocent people and stop the apocalypse. Enjoy this zombie shooting game hunting and killing enemies. Undead Kill is a realistic and entertaining fps game. A Fun Free 3D Online Zombie Killing Survival FPS Sniper Shooting Game. Great scenes, cool combos and great special skills, all in Undead Kill, the most engaging and engaging FPS game! Multiple levels in each play mode to challenge and lots of props to help you achieve your honor!


    - Story Mode
    Play as a anti-zombie cop and complete different missions killing zombies, monsters etc. to save humanity.

    - Survival Mode
    Choose map from multiple maps available and survive the zombie waves as long as you can using guns , vehicles etc.


    - Zombie Hunting Survival

    Use different weapons to hunt zombies. Aim from a rooftop, helicopter or a street. Kill your target and use supplies to help yourself in the warfare. How many zombies can you defeat? Undead Kill: Zombie shooter is a stunning fps game!

    - Mission Based

    Complete different missions clearing out city from zombies, surviving till help arrives, clearing path for vehicle by killing zombies, purchase and use different powerups to aid completing missions using in-game coin .

    - Improve Weapons

    Earn coins to improve the strength, zoom or stability of your weapons. Buy different attachments for different weapons from those coins.

    - Obtain Rewards

    The better you play, the better rewards you obtain. Make headshots and don’t miss any target to receive extra coins. The dead ones will fear your shooting techniques! An authentic and realistic survival game.

    - Multiple Difficulty
    Choose from easy, med or hard difficulty. easy for noobs, med for soldiers and hard for veterans.

    - Highly Optimized
    Console level graphics with multiple graphic setting to play on wide variety of devices from 1gb ram cheap phone to high end gaming phones.

    Enjoy one of the best 3D zombie shooting games, hunt and save the survivors to stop the apocalypse and end the warfare. Get random weapon from machine, Customize your weapons, improve your stats and play in realistic scenarios and levels. Stop the zombie apocalypse in Undead Kill: Zombie Shooter and save humanity!

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